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GoPro VR Camera Rig Omni Debuts

American tech company GoPro begins shipping preorder units of 360-degree virtual reality capture Omni on August 17.

Aug 13, 2016 | By AFPRelaxnews

American tech company GoPro has announced a release date for its highly-anticipated 360-degree virtual reality capture Omni.

The six GoPro camera rig was initially announced in early 2016, but the company has now revealed further details regarding its end-to-end workflow and retail price.

The camera rig, designed to hold six GoPro HD Hero 4 Black cameras, can be used for capturing seamless 360-degree footage, for virtual reality (VR) or on-screen playback, with the company to start shipping preorder units on August 17.

Priced at $5,000 the full package includes six Hero 4 Black cameras, the cube-shaped metal housing, and all the hardware and software that is necessary to film and stitch the 360-degree footage that Omni captures. A prorated version of the package without the cameras is also available for $1,500.


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