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Epic: Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones

Sennheiser returns with high fidelity equipment comparable to, well, a Porsche Cayman.

Apr 28, 2016 | By Staff Writer

The Orpheus HE90 electrostatic headphone system originally conceived of by audio titans Sennheiser in the 1990s was the high fidelity headset of record. Sennheiser itself could not better it over the years and for good reason. Electrostatic headphones are in an entirely different class to the headphones that sit on your desk at work. Well, from the headphones that sit on our desks at work at least. Here is a good primer on what makes electrostatic headphones superior, if you are so inclined to learn.

This latest iteration of the aural wonder costs some $55,000 and is exactly what Martin Shkreli might use to listen to the Wu-Tang Clan album. To give you some context, the Orpheus is in the same league as the new Porsche Cayman and the Audi TT. Ok, that is probably unfair (especially the Shkreli reference) to the Orpheus and we apologize for the digression.

For more on the new Orpheus, check out the full write-up on Men’s Folio.

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