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Dlodlo V1 VR Headset Launching October

The world of VR headsets has gotten a bit more stylish with the new headsets from Dlodlo, although there are questions about the company’s claims.

Aug 10, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

We may soon be able to say goodbye to those bulky VR headsets that make you look like you’re wearing an ice cream tub on your head. With the introduction of Dlodlo’s V1, those shying away from the plastic headsets can look forward to stylish carbon fiber devices fitted with real sunglasses-like lenses.

Launching in October, this is the first headset that may feel as comfortable as a pair of glasses. To achieve this, Dlodlo’s V1 is made of silicon materials that prevent the headset from irritating the face of the wearer. Apart from a resolution of 2400×1200 and a 105° field of view, the Dlodlo’s V1 comes with an in-house-developed algorithm that works in the background to prevent latency and image distortion.

“Dlodlo has been committed to getting more people to enjoy the ultimate virtual reality experience any time at anywhere. By integrating the platforms and resources in hardware, software, application, platform and community and through the VR glasses, we aim to create a complete VR ecosystem, Dlodlo World,” said Li Gang, CEO of Dlodlo.

While many celebrate the new design and comfort it is set to provide, others have pointed out the limitations of the new design. With no smartphone or phablet housed within the device, the Dlodlo’s V1 needs to be plugged into a PC or controller module making the company’s claim of the device being ‘anytime at anywhere’, debatable. Adding to the list of issues raised by critics, the Dlodlo’s V1 is meant to be on par with HTC and Oculus whereas other entry-level headsets generally fall in line with Samsung’s Gear VR. Yet there is currently no clear word on accessories such as gloves or control pads that will be a necessity for doing anything other than watching immersive videos.

The final point of grievance for critics is that while Dlodlo is filled with experienced staff who are best described as industry experts, it is still a relatively young Chinese company (established 2013). By way of contrast, Sony Interactive Entertainment senior research engineer Richard Marks has been leading the team that’s building the PlayStation VR headset. His team has been at it since 2010 in order to launch it this October, when Dlodlo claims its headset will be available.

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