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Musée du Louvre’s Collaborations Are the Perfect Amalgamation of Art and Fashion

Now you can own a piece from the Louvre.

Feb 17, 2021 | By Joseph Low

It’s no secret that we have been deprived of any travelling opportunities due to the ongoing pandemic that’s still ravaging across the globe. What this has created is a serious case of cabin fever that has given birth to a myriad of collaborations that ran on the theme of travel — anything that can give us quick dopamine hit are welcome. And if we cannot physically visit the places that we so yearned, the next best thing is to bring these places over. 

In a pre-pandemic world, throngs of tourists are frequently seen visiting iconic places of interest such as the world-renowned Louvre museum for its artworks such as Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Coronation of Napoleon and many others. But the current situation has not been the best for museums as many saw a drastic reduction in footfall which could potentially affect its ability to receive funds. Without revenues, in the form of entrance fees, these cultural institutions are facing difficulties paying for their daily upkeeps. In a report by the International Council of Museums, it is stated that almost 90% of the museums were closed during April last year. Furthermore, the report predicts that “more than one-tenth [of the museums] may be forced to close permanently.

One of the ways in which the Louvre has done to remain relevant is to set up collaborations. The first being a four-year partnership with the Japanese fashion giant, Uniqlo, in producing a collection of UT T-shirts for men and women featuring some of the Louvre’s emblematic artworks. The collection, reinterpreted by British graphic artist Peter Saville, is already in stores from 4 February and will continuously release new pieces through 2024.

Apart from working with the fashion industry, it has been recently announced that the beloved French museum is going to work with tech accessories brand, Casetify. The fine art-inspired collection will see recognisable art pieces on iPhone cases, AirPod cases and wireless charging pads. Come 23 February, you will be able to get them via Casetify’s online store or physically at the Louvre if you are in Paris (lucky you). Prices for the cases range from $25 to $75.

For more information regarding Uniqlo x Musée du Louvre, head over to Uniqlo’s website here.

For more information regarding Casetify x Musée du Louvre, head over to Casetify’s website here.

All images courtesy of brands.

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