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“Liquidline” Series Takes Center Stage at Immersive Art Show “Into the Invisible”

The seen and unseen collide as the transformative power of Lindsey Nobel’s art is intertwined with music from Daniel Grace and Jocelyn Ng.

Feb 29, 2024 | By Sanjeeva Suresh
Julliet Pan and Jocelyn Ng

Renowned American artist Lindsey Nobel unveils her “Liquidline” series as part of an upcoming immersive art exhibition dubbed “Into the Invisible”. Organised by SJArt+ (She&Jul Media), the showcase is set to tantalise the senses and challenge the perception of viewers. Curated by acclaimed media producer Julliet Pan, the exhibition will take guests on a transformative journey through Nobel’s mesmerising artworks that take center stage alongside the premiere of an original musical composition by talented composer and Berklee School of Music graduate, Daniel Grace.

“Into the Invisible,” is comprised of approximately 30 selections from four bodies of work that, together, represent many of her key techniques and formal motifs.

Held at the Visual Art Centre from 4 March to 10 March, this ground-breaking exhibition aims to “shatter the mold” of traditional art displays by combining bespoke musical compositions with Nobel’s captivating visual pieces to indulge audiences in a multi-sensory odyssey that transcends the boundaries of sight and sound. For over 30 years, Lindsey Nobel has explored ways of visualising the interconnectedness between biological life forms and the informational networks through which life is expressed, from the cellular level to the digital infosphere — which is communicated through her “Liquidline” series.

Julliet Pan, Daniel Grace and Jocelyn Ng

Utilising a dynamic interplay of diverse mediums, including oil paintings, acrylics, watercolor, coffee, resin, plastic, and bronze, “Into The Invisible” is a series of works that epitomises Nobel’s contemporary artistic style. Her signature syringe pieces feature her innovative “Liquidline” technique which for Nobel, came from a place close to home, “it is from when I lived in a stilt house on top of the ocean in Malibu. I would watch the water and the waves crash and see all the white lines of foam form patterns on top of the ocean,” she explains. Here, Nobel transforms abstract concepts into visually compelling expressions of human connection and technological advancement. Her work masterfully captures the intangible energy that permeates our interactions with technology, the natural world, and the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Nobel’s artistic vision is deeply rooted in the exploration of the invisible connections that bind humans to the vast network of organic and inorganic phenomena that pervade our existence.

“Into the Invisible” will transcend the visual realm with an original musical composition by talented composer Daniel Grace, inspired by Lindsey Nobel’s ethereal artistic style. The composition will seamlessly intertwine classical violin melodies with contemporary electronic textures, creating an auditory journey that mirrors the transformative nature of the exhibition. The fusion of Lindsey Nobel’s mesmerising artworks with the musical maestro of Daniel Grace’s original composition and a live performance by renowned Singaporean violinist Jocelyn Ng promises to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for visitors. This unique artistic synergy aims to “transport” audiences to a realm where the seen and unseen gracefully intertwine, mirroring the essence of Nobel’s captivating “Liquidline” series.

Lindsey Nobel’s artwork

Julliet Pan also founded SJArt+ which lies the belief that art is not just a visual experience but a total sensory journey that engages the viewer on multiple levels. “Our aim is to craft these immersive experiences, drawing audiences into a world where each piece tells a story that resonates both visually and emotionally,” she explains. She also states that she plans to make SJArt+ a vibrant hub for international artistic exchange and for it to become more than just an art space but to serve as “a catalyst for evoking deep emotions, stimulating thought, and adding meaningful depth to people’s lives”. Through this endeavour, she aims to not just build a community but to also nurture a space where art becomes a bridge to richer, more reflective life experiences.

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“Into the Invisible” takes place at the Visual Arts Centre at 10 Penang Rd, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469, from 4 March to 10 March 2024

SJArt+ will also collaborate with Soho House for a members-only opening night reception on 4 March, and New York University, ESSEC Business School for their alumni exclusive reception on 6 March and 7 March.

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