Fuel Up With Coffee From This Bugatti-Inspired Coffeemaker

What do coffee and fast cars have in common? They give us that rush of vitality and make even the most weary individuals feel so alive. Oh, and you can get both speed and coffee out of Bugatti’s timeless designs.

Mar 04, 2021 | By Abram Yum
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Sajdin Osmancevic

Born in Bosnia in 1990, Sajdin Osmancevic has long had a fascination with automobile design. Following his graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Sarajevo, he entered the industry and worked with brands such as BMW, Volkswagen and Škoda. He was the designer behind the Vision iV concept car and Enyaq iV, Škoda’s first production EV. He even independently designed a concept Bugatti SUV, highlighting what a possible crossover towards larger vehicles from two-door speed monsters could look like for the marque. However, I digress. What we really want to talk about here is another one of Osmancevic’s designs, a Bugatti-inspired luxury coffee machine.

The conceptual Škoda Vision iV; Image Credits: Image courtesy of Škoda
Estimated to release some time in 2021, the Enyaq iV will be the brand’s first electric vehicle; Image Credit: Image courtesy of Škoda
The Bugatti Spartacus is a concept SUV that Osmancevic independently designed; Image Credit: Image courtesy of Sajdin Osmancevic

Vintage Aesthetics, Modern Functionality

When designing this conceptual coffee machine, Osmancevic took inspiration from a classic Bugatti race car. The Type 35 is recognised as one of the precursors to Bugatti’s modern line of sports cars which include the Chiron and Divo. Developed with engineer and racing driver Jean Chassagne, the Type 35 was one of the fastest vehicles ever built at the time. The earliest models built in the 1920s were able to reach speeds greater than 190 km/h while the subsequently upgraded Type 35B pushed that figure in excess of 215 km/h. Its innovative design helped drivers of the venerable Type 35 clinch victories in several Grand Prix, following its first race in 1924. Today, the iconic race car, with its sleek, timeless design, is highly sought after by collectors of vintage automobiles. One Type 35C from 1928 was sold for US$5.23 million in an auction in London.

A vintage Bugatti Type 35 from 1925; Image Credit: Image courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

Much of the Bugatti Type 35’s design language is apparent in Osmancevic’s concept. The coffee machine features Bugatti’s iconic horseshoe grille and metal mesh, surrounded by a brass frame and topped off with the same hood ornament found on the original automobile. The coffee machine is crafted to resemble the Type 35’s trademark arched hood. With the addition of a brown leather hood strap, race car number and three different colour schemes, this coffee machine truly conjures images of the vintage racer.

Osmancevic designed the coffee machine to function similarly to Nespresso’s coffee maker. Users flip up the golden hood ornament, insert their preferred coffee capsule, watch as steam gushes from vents on the side (mimicking the car’s side hood), and wait for their coffee to pour from a nozzle hidden in the Bugatti logo. Users would also be able to select either a single or double shot of espresso for brewing using the machine’s rear switch dial which is a scaled replica of the Type 35’s petrol tank.

Initial sketches of the coffee machine; Image Credit: Courtesy of Sajdin Osmancevic
The coffee machine with a picture of the Type 35 in the background, highlighting the shared design language of the two; Image Credit: Courtesy of Sajdin Osmancevic
Coffee capsules will be put into a slot under the hood ornament; Image Credit: Courtesy of Sajdin Osmancevic
The coffee machine was designed with three vibrant colour schemes, steel blue, powder blue, and chocolate brown; Image Credit: Courtesy of Sajdin Osmancevic

While merely a concept at this point, there’s no denying that Sajdin Osmancevic created a truly beautiful appliance. The conceptual coffee machine pays homage to Bugatti’s rich racing heritage and underscores the similarities between the surge of vitality one gets from driving a speed monster and from a great cup of coffee. Should this design become a reality, it is likely to be a highly desirable and collectible appliance in the homes of  race car enthusiasts.

If you would like to see more of Sajdin Osmancevic’s designs, check out his profile on Behance.

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