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Digix X Aditus: Live in Luxury while Receiving Tokenised Gold for Engagement

Digix is teaming up with Aditus Network, the world’s first luxury access platform for crypto-affluents, to offer in-app Gold-backed token promotions and exclusive luxury privileges.

Nov 11, 2017 | By Jonathan Ho


When LUXUO last spoke to Shaun Djie, Co-founder of Digix Global, he shared with us how his company was using blockchain tech for the purpose of “tokenising” assets like gold. It calls to mind the Bretton Woods system of monetary management, ratified in 1945, which established the rules for commercial and financial relations where each dollar was tied to an equivalent amount of gold. By leveraging on the immutability and auditability of Distributed Ledger Tech and applying it to precious assets like gold, Digix tokens are becoming a literal gold standard, a system which the US unilaterally abandoned in 1971 rendering the dollar a fiat currency – a rising lack of trust in Fiat currency is precisely the reason why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and now Digix are rising in value.

LUXUO’s financial desk has just received information that Digix is teaming up with Aditus Network, the world’s first luxury access platform for crypto-affluents (crypto-users with significant holdings in cryptocurrencies) to offer in-app Gold-backed token promotions and exclusive luxury privileges. The new partnership will provide holders of DGX tokens special access to luxury privileges and promotions on the Aditus platform. Furthermore, Digix Global will offer Aditus users DGX 2.0 tokens as a rewards currency, awarded by merchants to customers who achieve set ‘consumer engagement’ milestones like visiting a store or interacting with their products.


Digix X Aditus: Live luxuriously, Shop and Receive ‘Tokenised Gold’ aka DGX Tokens for Engagement

Named for the Latin word for “access”, Aditus created to be the world’s first luxury access platform bridging luxury merchants and crypto-affluents on a revolutionary decentralised network. Aditus users enjoy differentiated tiers of membership, where paying VIP members of Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels get to enjoy certain exclusive privileges, services and promotions, much like exclusive AMEX Centurion and Citibank ULTIMA fiat credit card holders. With this partnership, Digix users holding a certain quantity of DGX tokens will enjoy special rates for Aditus VIP membership and exclusive privileges at the highest tiers, as fellow VIPs.


The partnership between Aditus Network and Digix Global will see users of the Aditus platform get the opportunity to receive the soon-to-be relaunched DGX 2.0 gold backed cryptocurrency as part of the planned luxury merchant rewards for consumer engagement. Furthermore, attendees of Aditus events will also soon be able to receive rewards in the form of this gold-standard token.

“Digix Global is a pioneering company who has garnered a loyal customer-base of discerning and affluent crypto-users. Digix token holders are discerning and sophisticated crypto-users who will be a great fit for crypto-powered luxury access powered by the Aditus platform. Through this partnership, we will be able to fulfil our objectives of bridging luxury merchants with discerning crypto-affluents” – Julian Peh, co-founder of Aditus


Indeed, given that Jamie Dimon, boss of JP Morgan was was unequivocal (editor’s note: likely biased) about bitcoin’s lack of real value at a recent conference in New York, Digix token holders and their gold-backed cryptocurrency will add a new dimension of credibility to the Aditus platform and with luxury merchants being able to access Digix users and their gold-backed tokens, it would benefit both retailers and crypto-affluents immensely.

“With this partnership, DGX gains visibility into a different sphere of consumers.” – Shaun Djie, co-founder of Digix

Shaun Djie, co-founder of Digix added, “we foresee crypto users who buy into DGX being savvy against price volatility in the crypto market. With this partnership, DGX gains visibility into a different sphere of consumers. In this new and upcoming crypto economy, collaborations as such is key to gain access and outreach across niche services as Aditus.”


The digital currency bitcoin was established in 2009 after the financial crash decimated trust in the fiat financial system. Though naysayers have pooh-poohed the intangible coins stored in digital wallets and on the cloud, the growth of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and altcoin has been immense. Though, there are bitcoin ATMs that allow the cryptocurrency to be exchanged for cash, the practice is counterproductive from a financial or ideological standpoint for believers in cryptocurrency, thus Aditus and Digix are expected to revolutionise the growing wealth of crypto-users with their innovative offerings of gold-backed coins and luxury merchant access for the crypto-affluent.

DGX gold-backed tokens are currently available at while Aditus will embark on its highly anticipated token sale towards the end of November 2017, for more information on the Aditus Token sale, check out

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