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Chivas Extra 13 Collection Celebrates The Distillery’s Exceptional Heritage

All aged to 13 years, this new range of Scotch whisky is about being innovative, different and unique. Using different casks during the maturing process, the flavours created are luxurious and decadent.

Dec 23, 2020 | By Joseph Low

When it comes to the craft of whisky making, there is no doubt that Chivas Regal will be one of the first few names that appear because with an extensive history dating back to the 19th century, the brand is a household name. From Chivas 12 to Chivas Extra, the brand’s gamut of Scotch offerings are aplenty. Joining the Chivas family are four new 13-year old whiskies created via the use of extra casks during the whisky-making process. The four new flavours are: Oloroso Sherry, Rum, American Rye, and Tequila. Unfortunately, the Rum and Tequilla casks are not available in the Singapore market for now.

“The Extra 13 collection represents new territory for Chivas as we continue to open up the world of Scotch whisky to new audiences and fresh experiences. At Chivas we believe that blended is better – and nowhere is this more evident than with our new collection, which blends exceptional Scotch with a diverse, internationally-inspired palette of flavours.” — Sandy Hyslop, Director of Blending at Chivas

The inspiration behind this collection draws from the adventurous spirit of its founders, James and John Chivas where they would import a multitude of exotic ingredients to create their own distinct blend of whisky. In that same vein, this new collection is a celebration of that boldness to be different and unique, which is also what consumers are looking for these days. The collection hopes to push the envelope in terms of creating fresh new flavours and surely, this assemblage has checked all the boxes.

Oloroso Sherry

The Oloroso Sherry cask flavour releases a saccharine scent upon opening, calling to mind ripened pears, caramel and cinnamon. On the palate, the sweetness opens up with vanilla sugar and finishes off with a tinge of almond. This whisky is great when paired with red meat or desserts with fruits.

American Rye

Using American Rye casks, the whisky opens up with sweet notes of juicy orange, spun sugar and tinned peaches. The palate brings in more mellow notes of honey and milk chocolate with a finish that is smooth and soft — a great pairing with chicken and chocolate dessert.

The artist behind the vibrate design of this collection is Greg Gossel, a renowned street artist who shares the same vision as Chivas. He pushes boundaries through the artful blend of contemporary designs with the history of each cask. 

Retailing at SGD$84 per bottle, Chivas Extra 13 will be available from 13 January 2021 onwards at Pernod Ricard’s official Shopee store.

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