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BODHI’s First Stand-Alone Exhibition at Gallery 1819 is a One-Of-A-Kind Visual Experience

This emerging, up-and-coming visual artist has already had his body of work featured in The Star English Daily, Zaobao and China Daily.

Jul 12, 2023 | By Sanjeeva Suresh
BODHI Gallery1819 exhibition

Ho Chung Kwang who goes professionally by BODHI, will make his solo exhibition debut with “Sonic Vistas” at Singapore’s Gallery 1819. Currently running until 1 August 2023, the 23-year-old’s signature acrylic painting will be on display as part of his “Curating Playlists Series”. The range of artworks portrays real-life scenes perceived by the artist and later crafted to the essence of electronic music tracks. 

Each piece was made alongside its own Electronic Dance Music (EDM) track. The surreal scenes he creates resonate with the visual themes through the process of assigning visual components to audio and then implementing them back into real-life visuals. The result is a series of paintings that is best described as BODHI’s visual interpretation of music and sound waves mixed with real-life scenarios.

BODHI Gallery1819 exhibition
Like the Beautific Flood over Bedlam Incarnate (2022)

EDM carries particular significance to BODHI whose other artistic interests include music engineering, “DJ-ing” and beatboxing. BODHI often merges his interest for music and art with his work — being influenced by music videos, electronic performance visualizers and DJ backdrop animations. “I listen to music and look for visual references to project that essence onto,” says BODHI. 

BODHI Gallery1819 exhibition
Couldn’t hear the Blood from Heartbeats (2023)

Gallery 1819 Singapore is a prominent Fine Art gallery with a versatile acquisition of collectible pieces showcasing Southeast Asian artworks from esteemed artists across the international region. BODHI has been an in-house artist for Gallery 1819 for a number of years — having previously showcased artworks from his “Astrochemistry Series” in a collection dubbed “Sonata Allegro” last year. This time around, the young creative aims to make a shift in his artistic trajectory. The topics addressed in his pieces go beyond stunning interior decorations to sought-after collector’s pieces.

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BODHI Gallery1819 exhibition
On Tenterhooks and Bated Breaths (2021)

Some highlights guests can expect from this collection include 2021’s “On Tenterhooks and Bated Breaths” which was the first painting from his “Curating Playlists” series to incorporate his musical interest into his artwork. The piece is inspired by harmonising a scene of a man resting on a trishaw in Penang, Malaysia alongside the second drop of the track “The Feeling” by Crankdat and Ace Aura.

“The songs inspired for each piece doesn’t need to be listened to while I’m viewing the scene, people or place; I match the song to a scene if I feel it is suitable. But all of the songs are songs that I really like and listen to, they are also all different electronic music genres,” BODHI explains. 

BODHI Gallery1819 exhibition
Submerged Ghost-Station Zephyrs of Distortion (2022)

Another highlight is a piece called “Submerged Ghost-Station Zephyrs of Distortion” which is inspired by harmonising two scenes from S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore together with the first “drop” of the song “Haxo” by Dirtyphonics & Graphyt.

BODHI Gallery1819 exhibition
BODHI at Sonic Vistas reception opening at Gallery 1819

With a moniker that is rooted in deep spiritual significance (BODHI translates to enlightenment in Sanskrit), it is no coincidence that BODHI’s work also explores the “intuitive nature of our innermost being through emotions”. With his reception opening on 8 July being a resounding success, this is but the first step in an illustrious career for the young artist.

“Sonic Vistas” will run until August 1 2023, from 11 am – 7 pm Daily at Gallery 1819
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