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Aston Martin Residences Presents “Vision”

The iconic marque’s first venture into real estate celebrates beauty and art in all forms with a permanent art gallery, starting with an exhibition by acclaimed photographer Julian Lennon.

May 14, 2021 | By Abram Yum

Due for completion at the end of next year, the Aston Martin Residences Miami has announced its plans for a permanent art gallery on its 52nd floor to celebrate all things beautiful, an ideal shared by Aston Martin and developer G&G Business Developments. The aptly named Art Gallery will showcase works from a different artist every two months. Before the completion of the project, the Aston Martin Residences’ Art Gallery will launch online, starting with an exhibition entitled “Vision” featuring the works of celebrated photographer Julian Lennon.

Julian Lennon

In “Vision”, Julian Lennon presents a selection of exclusive, hand-picked images from his personal collections. These include some of his unseen works and will take viewers on visual journey behind the scenes of Lennon’s most notable moments involving travel, fashion, and celebrities. Some significant events captured include Lennon’s time backstage with U2 and the Princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, as well as his travels through Cuba.

Paperback Writer, 2010
Charlene Wittstock
Tony Mortimer, 2013
Bao – Bao Buggy (Havana, Cube) – DS0096

Through the 27 specially curated photographs, Lennon hopes to “grant the viewer intimate access to the lives and locations of my subjects, as well as insight into my own personal journey”.

Drawing on the vibrant diversity of Miami, he further encourages residents to draw parallels between the captured images and their own unique lives and ultimately foster a sense of empathy for others with which he hopes to unify the world.

Mama – Colourful Cartagena Collection(L1180197)
Whispers – Glenn Hughes and John Varvatos
Asian Dusk – Untitled L1270094

“Vision” marks The Art Gallery’s opening at Aston Martin Residences and is the culmination of months of dedicated work done during the worst periods of the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in the development’s first immersive 3D experience utilising cutting edge technology.

A strong appreciation for art is very much a part of G&G Business Developments’ spirit and the same can be said for the renowned marque that is Aston Martin. CEO of G&G Business Developments, Germán Coto stated, “Art and design are woven into the soul of the Aston Martin Residences. Every decision we make is born from an intrinsic love of beauty and meticulous attention to detail.”

Signature Apartment, Aston Martin Residences.

Just as he envisions residents decorating their homes with wondrous works of art, Coto commented that the Art Gallery was created to provide a sanctuary for residents looking to lose themselves in a rotation of renowned art pieces.

“Vision” is now available to view online and will run till 7 July. For more information on Aston Martin Residences head over to their website. To view the Virtual Art Gallery, head over to this direct link.

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