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Angela Lee’s “Contours Of Truth: Brushstrokes Of Reality” Solo Exhibition

Also called “Brushstrokes of Passage: An Artist’s Odyssey”, the exhibition explores artist Angela Lee’s depiction of power, vulnerability and loss

Oct 11, 2023 | By Sanjeeva Suresh

Olal’Art unveils their latest exhibition “Contours Of Truth: Brushstrokes Of Reality”. The exhibit is an immersive journey through the life and experiences of artist Angela Lee. Visitors are taken on a visual odyssey with each painting unveiling a different facet of the artist’s life and her encounters with reality, displaying insight into her own views and the world that influences her work. As the growth of technology accelerates particularly in the realm of art with the use of Ai graphics, and the increasing rapidity of computer generated art work, Lee is in a league of her own, spending months at a time to meticulously craft her drawings. She works to deliver pure realism in her still life, landscape, human and animal portraits. It is with this careful spirit of creation that Lee’s artwork causes thought-provoking questions to onlookers, with them focusing on the significant details that exist within the themes her work from life to the horrors of war and peace.

Born and raised in China, Lee learned to think outside the box at a young age. Trained in traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, Lee would go on to study software in China before going to the United Kingdom study sculpture at the Coventry College of Arts Management. She decided to return to the brush and persued painting under the tutelage of two Japanese masters for Western painting. For Lee, art has always been a powerful medium to corporate the essence of life’s journeys, be they physical, emotional or intellectual. Take her Kimitatechu (Japanese Mentor) piece for instance, Lee explores the ideological systrems between capitalism and socialism through not only her own lens of growing up in China but by absorbing the realism of overseas art as well as vigorously persuing the expression of her own spiritual depictions.

The heart of Angela Lee’s solo exhibition sees Olal’Art embark on a voyage through the eyes of the remarkable artist who ventures across space, societies, and human landscapes. This exhibition brings to life the artist’s journey through travel, revealing the raw realities, and underlying political narratives; all narrated through the compelling medium of realism via canvas oil painting. Angela has also experiemented with various appraoches and themes with her art, particualrly with the brushstrokes, multiple perspectives, colour and abstraction from Impressionism to abstract Expressionism.

Hosted and curated by Olal’Art at The Gallery II in The Arts House on 1 Old Parliament Ln, Singapore, “Contours Of Truth: Brushstrokes Of Reality” also called “Brushstrokes of Passage: An Artist’s Odyssey” took place on the 6th October to 8th October 2023.

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