Aero and the Rise of Semi-Private Flights

Aero have begun offering flights between L.A. and Aspen, bridging the gap between luxury private airlines and commercial ones. We look at the rise of semi-private flights during the pandemic, and how Aero stands apart form the crowd, soaring above the competition.

Feb 10, 2021 | By Abram Yum

Aero, well known for its luxurious private charter flights across Europe, made its debut in the United States (U.S) last week. Travellers in the U.S. can now experience the joys and perks of private air travel at a fraction of the cost with these “semi-private” fights. While a seemingly novel idea, options for flying on these semi-private jets have been around for a while. However, it was only recently that they became more popular as a way for people to travel while avoiding the health risks of crowded airports.


Splitting the Difference

With the COVID-19 pandemic still at the forefront of people’s minds the world over, there are three growing trends facing the air travel industry. Firstly, travellers are looking for ways to avoid crowded airports and packed, pressurised cabins which increase the risk of coronavirus transmission. Secondly, in a bid to cut costs, airlines are reducing flights along less-profitable routes to small, regional airports, thereby making travel to less-popular destinations more difficult. Lastly, growing security lines and shrinking legroom are causing business class flights to lose their appeal as they become more akin to flying coach.

Semi-private flights thus bridge the gap between commercial and private flights by offering travellers a way to avoid the large crowds of commercial airports without needing to spend a fortune on chartering an entire jet for themselves. Think of this as an “UberShare” for air travel. Customers are able to book seats on existing private flights at a cheaper price than contemporary private flights. Thereafter, enjoying the perks of private air travel including: no security lines, private terminals, and increased legroom onboard flights. For anyone who has flown coach, this is a dream come true, and given the current pandemic, it is an absolute Godsend.

In this pandemic, private lounges away from the masses are a Godsend for cautious travellers.


Taking It Further

While most semi-private flights are a definite step up from commercial economy-class flights, experiences may vary. Not all may offer the glamorous experiences we see in movies and music videos. Indeed, some private flights are onboard smaller, turboprop planes, rather than jets. That is where Aero takes it a step further. Apart from the usual promises of no security lines and the like, with Aero, customers can expect a luxurious experience from the moment they book their flight. Tickets start from $990 which includes three checked bags and one carry-on. Upon arrival at a private airport, customers are greeted with a concierge team waiting for them in a private lounge before the flight. Walking onto the runway, customers will be enthralled by the sight of a state-of-the-art aircraft, furnished with custom suede walls and leather piping throughout. Each aircraft has just 16 seats, fitted with hand-stitched Italian leather and custom sound systems developed by Bongiovi Acoustics Lab. Rounding off the experience is a dedicated crew offering personalised attention throughout the flight. According to Aero’s website, this service even extends to pets as well!

As mentioned before, Aero recently began offering flights within the U.S., adding onto their growing list of European flights from London, to Mykonos, Ibiza, and Nice. The flight path within the U.S. takes customers between Los Angeles’ Van Nuys Airport and Aspen’s Pitkin County Airport. While the list of destinations might seem limited compared to offerings from other companies, few can compare with the lush experience offered by Aero. As Aero CEO Uma Subramanian explains it, “Our competitors are competing on more routes, and we are really focusing on the curated customer, we’re aiming to deliver a better premium leisure travel experience with a focus on customer service and extensive attention to detail to set us apart.”

Even with the bleak state of air travel during this pandemic, Aero’s great service and attention to customer comfort gives us hope that we can perhaps, continue to find joy while flying.

All images courtesy of Aero.

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