Loewe presents ‘Minor White: metaphors’ at its oldest store in Gran Via, Madrid

The luxury fashion house pays homage to the photographer and his evocative works with an exhibition in Spain

Jun 14, 2017 | By Teri Chong

Fashion powerhouse LOEWE takes a step towards another art form: photography. On June 1, the LOEWE Foundation unveiled the first solo exhibition in Spain devoted to legendary American photographer — Minor White. Titled ‘Minor White: metaphors’, the exhibition is taking place at the LOEWE gallery in Gran Via, Madrid.

Known for his ability to manipulate and angle light sources, White’s photography medium focused entirely on black and white prints. His distinctive style enabled a spectrum of black, white and grey hues to bring his portraits to life. Dabbling in subjects from cityscapes to nature shots and portraits, White regularly placed the symbolism of his art form above the reality that it showcased, creating a world of his own. The show is set to feature 40 of White’s original black and white prints, on special loan from the Howard Greenberg gallery and private collections.

LOEWE creative director Jonathan Anderson explains ‘Minor White’s modernity is a natural fit for the house because his photographs function on various levels. At LOEWE, we believe in multivalence.’

Born in 1908, White only became a professional photographer in the late 1930s. He moved to New York in 1945 and worked as a photographer at the Museum of Modern Art, becoming friends with eminent photographers of that time. White also cemented his mark in the photography industry, co-founding the iconic photography magazine Aperture in 1952 and serving as its editor for two decades.

This is LOEWE Foundation’s seventh annual participation in Photo España, and the fourth festival entry organised by curator María Millán. ‘Minor White: metaphors’ will be open from June 1 to August 25 at the LOEWE gallery in Gran Via.

For more information, do visit LOEWE.

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