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The Elephant Society Holds Gala Dinner 2017 with Star Guest from Kenya

The Elephant Society Gala Dinner 2017 returns this November, convened under the title “When the buying stops, the killing can too” with an aim to help the community realise the importance of the illegal poaching problems facing Africa.

Oct 23, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

The Elephant Society based in Hong Kong organises Gala Dinner 2017, Starring Guest from Kenya

Event host, The Elephant Foundation Limited, will be holding its 4th Gala Dinner at the Island Shangri-La in Central Hong Kong on Nov 9, 2017.

This year, The Elephant Society will be working closely with star guest, Daniel Ole Sambu from Kenya, inviting him to visit the schools in Hong Kong, with the main objective to help students realise the importance of the illegal poaching problems facing Africa.

The annual gala dinner 2017 will cover topics such as important updates of the current condition of the illegal ivory trade and elephant population numbers and also look at another primary threats of how human wildlife conflict can present threats to elephants.

Last year, the week culminated in a gala dinner for over 200 people, who agreed to adopt orphaned elephants with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and seek to expand support for the DSWT this year. The funds collected from last year’s gala were channelled to Big Life Foundation to support the operating cost of the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU).

RDU is an armed and mobile elite team, constantly on the move, to protect the wildlife in the remote areas (covering over 2 million acres governed by the Big Life Operation Unit) that don’t have permanent ranger presence.

“We will be raising funds 100 per cent in aid of The Elephant Foundation, which will go towards our own operations here in Hong Kong, Big Life Foundation and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and their orphan adoption programme.” – The Elephant Society

Established on November 2014, The Elephant Society based in Hong Kong is an anti-poaching and conservation charity organisation, formed with a specific goal to abolish acts to illegal poaching of rhinos and African Elephants in East Africa.

To help raise awareness of the two endangered species, The Elephant Society aims to promote extensively by educating the population the lead causes and  harms that poaching has on both animals and the communities.

Prices of the tickets for the Gala will start at HKD 2,250 for Standard Ticket (exclusive of 10 HKD Fee). Interested attendee can put in a donation amount of $100, $500 or $1,000. For Combos, the package price is HKD22,500 (exclusive of HKD100 fee) for 10 pax.   

For more information about the Gala and registration, please visit

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