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Interview: Ray Parry, CEO Raffles Marina

Luxuo meets Ray Perry, CEO of Raffles Marina and learns more about the venue that will host the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS.

Oct 05, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

Raffles Marina plays host this month to the highly anticipated SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. While we have met several of our trustworthy partners who will be on hand to meet guests, we thought it is time that we introduce you to Ray Parry, the CEO of Raffles Marina. As the man behind Singapore’s first marina, Parry talks to us about the venue that will host the island’s largest luxury lifestyle event and what is in store for the marina.

Raffles Marina is the first marina built in Singapore. Could you tell us more about the history of the marina and its location?

It was the first modern recreational marina with country club facilities. The Club is 22 years old, and offers an international standard of berthing and facilities. Its location provides a gateway for cruising around local waters and up the west coast of Malaysia and Thailand, to Phuket and beyond. The location also offers stunning sunsets, as we are located on the western tip of Singapore.Raffles Marina

Raffles Marina is a big advocate of protecting the environment. Could you elaborate on the efforts made by the marina to help conserve the environment and marine wildlife?

We work with many partners regarding environmental issues. A recent study by NUS on marina environments found an enormous bio diversity of sea life in and around the marina, which was most encouraging. We also partner with various NGO’s including Biosphere Foundation, whose exploration boat MIR is home berthed at the Marina. Biosphere Foundation conducts research and manages environmental projects throughout Asia, from coral mapping to whale monitoring and sustainable fishing practices.

Raffles Marina has close links with Indonesia and has been advocating for more open cruising grounds between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Please tell us more.

Raffles Marina has had a long and happy association with Indonesia, be it organizing in-house cruises, to exploring the extraordinarily diverse archipelago, or engagement with government authorities on recreational marine matters. We congratulate Indonesia for their recent far-sighted liberalization of their Marine Tourism sector, including the spectacular list of countries now granted visa-free access to explore this region.Raffles Marina

What specific yachting activities and services does Raffles marina provide to its members?

Both yachting and boating facilities are available at Raffles Marina. As well as secure and safe berthing, both on the water and in our stackable boat-house, we offer all the services required in a modern marina. Anything from utilities, Wi Fi, and fuel to guidance, regional experience and a great network of regional marinas, When ashore our boaters can enjoy the club’s two restaurants, pub, 19 bedrooms and a variety of meeting spaces.

We’ve heard a lot about the excellent food available at Raffles Marina. Could you tell us more about it?

Our Chinese Restaurant, Captain’s Table features Szechuan Cuisine. Captain’s Table has also recently begun to specialise in TCM-inspired dishes, offering significant health benefits whilst remaining satisfying and very tasty. Our Bistro, with Alfresco dining, meets all the needs of local favorites along with some memorable Western and Indian offerings. The Pub is the go-to place for cooling ale and one of the most spectacular sunsets that Singapore has to offer.Raffles Marina

What does hosting SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS mean to Raffles Marina?

We are delighted to be the host venue for SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. It is a unique lifestyle show and we are excited to see the amazing variety and quality of participating organizations for visitors that has been coordinated by the event organizers

  • Could you share your best personal experience as the CEO of Raffles Marina?

There are many highlights. Amongst the best are the annual closing Dinners following our Western Circuit Sailing Regatta each year. This is a fun event jointly organised by Singapore Management University and Raffles Marina. Now in its 19th year, the event is Singapore’s biggest sailing regatta and traditionally on that final night, we hold an auction to raise funds in support of Sailability, sailing for the disabled community in Singapore. These funds go towards purchasing new boats for our disabled sailing community to get out on the water and compete at the highest of levels. To see sailors giving back so readily to advance their sport for others is always gratifying.

More info on the Marina on Raffles Marina’s website

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