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Nendo Traces Movement at New York Fair

An eye-catching new offering by the Japanese design company captures the subconscious traces of our daily experience.

May 12, 2016 | By Staff Writer

The new and interesting offering by multi-award winning Japanese design studio Nendo, featured at the Collective Design Fair in New York, is a celebration of our everyday existence. Named “Trace”, this collection tracks the movements of our day-to-day objects by mapping out the motion lines onto furniture.


Every time you open a door, closet, or drawer, you’re calling back to a previous routine, and all these movement maps are essentially what are at the foundation of our lives. In order to bring that to life, Nendo has created, within its range, a “Trace-container” that forms as a cabinet with many different configurations. Black frames are stuck in to show the trajectory of the opening and closing compartments. Other items includes a “Trace-light” suggesting the pendulum swing of a bulb on a string, and “Trace-counter”, which is a reception counter that seems to capture the movement of a door in a ‘frame-by-frame’ way, like the different segments of a zoetrope.


You can check out the minimalist surreality of watching these subconscious traces mapped out in the video made by Nendo below.

Images courtesy of Nendo.

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