Four Statement Light Fixtures Every Design Fan Needs

Showcasing a few lighting ideas you can consider to add some fun and a warm glow to your living space.

Nov 29, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

If you are looking for a designer lamp to beautify your bedroom or a statement piece to adorn your living hall, look no further! Why not consider some of these custom lighting and designer lamps that can create beautiful ambient light source and add that warm glow to your personal space and support your leisure reading.

The Original Bell Jar Table Lamp

Hand-crafted in Nashville, TN, this Original Belle Jar Table Lamp is industrial inspired and has a rustic look, offset by the antique brass finish on socket, 60-inch cream cloth covered cord and the inline switch. Measuring at 5 by 8.5 inches, this table lamp is compact and functional and will sure add charm to any home, office or retail space. Inside the bell jar features an exposed filament Edison style bulb fitted to a solid American Walnut base to be as sturdy as it is practical. Each hand silkscreened nameplate is personalised and applied to the precisely milled base in Nashville-based studio.

Southern Lights Electric

The Asterisk Light

Designed with a perfect balance of function + form to the Original KEAS design, The Asterisk Light is completely made from custom designed parts. The beautifully hand spun walnut combined with 1/2-inch brushed steel tubing steel formed this sculptural chandelier that will beautify any room and further add a warm glow to your living space.

Kiddepps Art Shop

Henry Floor Lamp

Hand selected vertical grain walnut, solid brass cross bar and a completely hidden cord make the Henry Floor Lamp a unique looking piece to own. The dimmable floor-standing lamp measuring at height 64″ with a custom linen shade comes with combined classic mortise and tenon joinery with brass fixture, making it a staple piece in any room.

Kylle Sebree

Orrery Lamp

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, the custom, hand-blown glass diffuser, machined brass, walnut wood base and cork bottom (for maximum friction) could make this lamp a perfect centrepiece in any room. The Orrery lamp is dimmable and it features a warm light as well as adjustable, abstract representation of our Earth and Moon orbiting our host star. Users can also get up close to observe the astronomical information and play with the visualisation to understand the choreography of the Sun, Earth, and Moon.


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