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Where To Buy An Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree?

A green Christmas can be as beautiful and fun as any. Here are some eco-friendly tips to keep your Christmas tree truly green.

Dec 17, 2013 | By Anakin

A green Christmas can be as beautiful and fun as any. With materials ranging from cardboard to steel, re-usable Christmas trees have never been so innovative or stylish.

Timbatree Christmas tree

British brand Timbatree recently put its own ethical spin on the traditional yuletide centerpiece, with its pure timber version. The sculpture requires no nails or screws and can be self-assembled and easily stored for next year.

Driftwood Christmas Tree

If you like the idea of a wooden replacement but want to reduce your carbon footprint even further, South African-based company Buy the Sea offers bespoke ‘trees’ crafted entirely from reclaimed driftwood collected off beaches along the Indian Ocean coastline.

TinTown's African Tree

Those seeking a cleaner, more modern vibe might be interested in TinTown‘s African Tree. Made of laser-cut 1mm steel, its ‘branches’ features iconic representations of African wildlife and the product comes in a variety of colors.

Laser Cut Christmas Tree

Recycled cardboard trees are big business. Cardboard Safari‘s Alpine Tree is laser-cut for precision and can be decorated with paint or glitter for a truly bespoke decoration. It can be configured as a full 360 degree tree or in a 180 degree version.

Superstar Holiday Tree by Modernica

The Superstar Tree by Modernica is handcrafted in Los Angeles and can be purchased in a natural wood tone or in a festive green strain. Clean and light, this birch plywood structure can be personalized with paint or ornaments.

Christmas tree Memory Tree

Offering a completely modern take on the Christmas tree, Memory Tree is a 7-foot (2.1 meter) transparent Plexiglas structure which hangs from a hook in the ceiling and includes 100 chandelier crystals and a battery powered disco ball.

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