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Constellation: Christofle x Nendo

Christofle and Nendo introduces the Constellation collection, focussing on decor in a series of handblown glass vases, engraved picture frames, trinket tray, and scented candles and other range of favourite accomplice for all those who love beautiful things.

Jan 12, 2018 | By LUXUO

The Parisian luxury house, Christofle, has been specialising in Art de vivre and jewelry since its founding in 1830. The house has continually modernised its exceptional silversmithing know-how and expanded its offer across the lifestyle sector, spanning the table arts, home décor, jewelry, baby gifts and Haute Orfèvrerie.

The Maison collaborates with the greatest designers and artists of the day to offer contemporary, ambitious pieces crafted by the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen in France) in its workshop in Normandy, France. This season, Christofle has collaborated with Japanese design studio Nendo, Constellation to present “Constellation”, a range of objects with Asian accents informed by simplicity and elegance.

Constellation: Christofle x Nendo

Blending beauty with functionality has always been at the heart of Christofle creations – and this new collection is no exception to the rule. Every object expresses the marriage of two talents: Christofle’s unique silversmithing know-how and the delicate force of the Nendo aesthetic. Constellation is also the story of a journey that blossoms in the shade of the Sakura. Considered the symbol of ephemeral beauty, the cherry tree and its blossoms are worshiped in Japan. In the springtime, cherry blossoms flower by the thousands, casting Japanese gardens in an intense pink hue. Inspired by this phenomenon, Nendo created a motif engraved in precious metal. To this floral image, the design studio added a sprinkling of stars shining in the sky. A single line links each engraved flower to the next, etching out a new map of the heavens.

Christofle embodies French elegance around the world

Silver plate dazzles all the more when paired with shiny lacquered wood for a series of round or square trays and ‘vide-poche’ boxes in three colours: powder pink, almond green and midnight blue. Among these is a large design created especially for tea service and an entirely engraved ‘bonbonnière’, or candy box, for holding sweets or little treasures.

The collection focuses on decor in a series of handblown vases in pink or light green glass, engraved picture frames and trinket tray, and scented candles bearing the Constellation motif – not to mention Chinese and Japanese-style chopsticks in resin with engraved silver plate. With Constellation, Christofle’s beauty lies in the details – it becomes a part of everyday rituals, creating an elegant lifestyle that is as relaxed as it is refined.

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For more information on Christofle, please visit its official website here.

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