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Alfa Romeo electric guitar

Harrison Custom Guitar Works have teamed up with Alfa Romeo to create a limited edition electric guitar inspired by the Italian brand.

Jun 25, 2014 | By AFPRelaxnews

Alfa Romeo Guitar

If you’re an Italian sportscar-loving-loving rock musician, then Harrison Custom Guitar Works might just have the perfect gift for you.

The hand-built ‘Alfa Romeo’ electric guitar, is inspired by the car company. It’s finished in bright red, has a volume dial cunningly disguised as the marque’s hood badge and its semi-open body has been carefully deigned to mimic the classic radiator grilles of iconic Alfas of the past.

What’s more, each  guitar takes the UK company eight months to build and will cost £4000 ($6800).


The finished result actually promises to be a serious guitar for serious musicians, thanks to its blend of the best materials and craftsmanship associated with both car building and musical instrument production.

So, like the best electric guitars that money can buy, the Alfa-themed guitar, designed by Guy Harrison, has a Korina wood neck and a body made from poplar and maple. And these elements are combined with aluminum inserts, milled form single billets that house the five hand-wound pickups, and the back and rear supports are formed from carbon fiber, just like the best cars.

The final automotive touch is a four-leaf clover aluminum/coral insert in malachite green on the third fret, a nod to the ‘Quadrifoglio Verde’ badge that has adorned the world’s fastest Alfa Romeos for the last 90 years.

Harrison Custom Guitar Works plans to build just 11 examples because Alfa Romeo has been in business for 11 decades.


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