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10 Modern Chairs to look out for at Isaloni 2018

Creating good designs these days means thinking about the future, its sustainability in terms of the use of materials and the productive processes, upholding certified and universally acknowledged quality standards first of all and also thinking about design that will endure over time.

Apr 07, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

In this upcoming edition of The Isaloni 2018 will focus on sustainability and the intrinsic quality of design; exploring the relationship between nature and living, with an exhibition plus installation that will trigger reflection on tomorrow’s living and on how to relate the design of an interior space to the nature of the external space.

Happening from April 17-22, Isaloni 2018 presents to you 10 modern designer chairs that will make a statement in your home living room and bet that you will enjoy not just only new furnishings, but also get some inspirations and spot up-and-coming design trends for 2018 – a new way of thinking and planning for a home/office, interior design, kitchen and bathroom spaces, etc.

“Design that goes beyond the things themselves, that looks at the people, the needs of a changing world searching for new signals, as well as at beauty and emotion in the little everyday things.”

10 Modern Chairs to look out for at Isaloni 2018

Comfort is key whenever we shop for an armchair. This chair will transform any living room with the outstanding yellow upholstery juxtaposed with the beautiful colour of natural wood, exuding vitality and vibrancy as well as embodying an invigorating strength. It’s the perfect twist on a classic piece.

You will find a lot of designer armchairs, chairs and sofa sets that are both modern and fashionable, designed with bold mixtures of textures and materials of furnishings that are more light and intimate launched at Isaloni 2018.

As creativity and innovations are at the heart of the furniture industry, some furniture pieces that have become delightful old objects are reimagined in plush homes so you will appreciate them in a completely new light. Whilst others have resurfaced again and are destined to become iconic.

As we spring into summer, get inspired by some the chair ideas should you visit the showfloor and pick up unique colours that you can mix and match to make your home decor more outstanding. You can spruce up your personal paradise with home accessories such as the stylish throw pillows with a touch of texture as well.

From velvet and leather to satin, choosing the right fabric for your armchair or sofa set to match well with the interior decor can be a daunting task or scouting can turn out to be fun and amazing. Exclusively developed by the furniture designers to be in tune with the latest fashion and design trends, you are bound to find a lot of inspiring fabrics that are quite aligned with your tastes. Also fabrics that are delightful and vibrant will establish a harmony between the chairs of a room and the unique ambiance, all to exude a sense of peace and joy.

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