Bottega Veneta and Gaetano Pesce Present “Vieni a Vedere”

This installation will be open for public from now to 22 April at Bottega Veneta’s Montenapoleone boutique.

Apr 18, 2023 | By Joseph Low

Since the first commission for Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection which artist Gaetano Pesce created a temporary site-specific artwork as show space for the brand to hold its runway presentation, the duo has once again reunited in a new project installation called “Vieni a verde” (Come and see). For this showcase that spans across Bottega Veneta’s boutique in Montenapoleone, Pesce utilises resin and fabric to create a unique and immersive experience that visitors can journey through.

“This is my first design of a bag and it is figurative — two mountains with a sunrise or a sunset behind. I wanted a bag with an optimistic view. There is a capacity to realise anything at Bottega Veneta and this bag opens up a way to express future design. The design of the future has to be figurative and it has to communicate — such an object has to tell a story,” shares Pesce.

Pesce’s bags embrace figuration and personal narratives, going beyond mere functionality. They are examples of craftsmanship and ingenuity. He drew inspiration from mountains and prairies, reflecting Pesce’s early life near the mountains in Este, Italy, and his current home in the prairies of America. 

Bottega Veneta’s skilled leather workers and artisans bring Pesce’s vision to life by reinterpreting the brand’s signature Intrecciato technique based on his sketches. The result is a stunning combination of unique and intensely handcrafted techniques that evoke the smooth mountains and grassy prairies in a breathtaking way. Each glossy Intrecciato bag is airbrushed with a watercolour effect to resemble Pesce’s artistic rendering of the mountains on supple nappa leather, while a meticulous crochet technique using seven shades of green calf and lamb leathers is employed to depict the whorling grasses of the prairies. The overall effect is both startling and joyful, creating a collection of bags that are true works of art.

To honour Pesce’s distinctive project, visitors to the installation will be treated to a complimentary gift. A poster designed by Pesce himself serves as a commemorative memento of the installation. At the same time, hand-painted chocolates from Peyrano, a renowned chocolatier based in Turin, are given as a special souvenir. The poster and the chocolates pay homage to Pesce’s cherished mountains, reflecting his connection to these elevated landscapes.

Only minimal quantities are available for these specially crafted handbags. “My Dear Mountains” has 15 while “My Dear Prairies” has three.

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