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Singapore Contemporary Art Show 2016

The Singapore Contemporary Art Show (SCAS) runs from January 21-24, playing host to a cornucopia of artwork from Singapore, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Jan 15, 2016 | By null

Art is on the up and up in Singapore next week, which if you have been following our site (or reading our sister magazine Art Republik) you already know. The Singapore Contemporary Art Show (SCAS) runs from January 21-24, 2016 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, playing host to a cornucopia of artwork from Singapore, many other Asian countries, Australia and a selection of European nations. As far as we understand it, based on what our friends at ArtRepublik tell us, the aim of SCAS is to fill a gap in the mid-tier market.

Something worthy to note here is that the focus is on contemporary art (hence the name) so there are no old masters nor modern art (yes modern and contemporary are not the same thing). The artists showing at SCAS have all tracked well at auction and consequently have a presence in both private and public collections. Of course, discovery is a big part of shows like this one so expect some new faces and a selection of journeymen too.

Douwe Cramer-r50

“Singapore is rapidly building a reputation as the principal art hub in Southeast Asia and a week of art events kick-off of the ‘art year’ across Asia,” explains Douwe Cramer (pictured above), Director of the Singapore Contemporary Art Show. “The world’s renowned art hubs such as New York, Miami, Basel, London and Hong Kong host a large number of art fairs over a one or two week period each year, serving the specific interests of their art markets. Singapore Contemporary will be a game changer, to add diversity to Singapore’s art market during an important period of the year and will complement other art events and projects held in the city at the same time.”

For more information on the program and headlining projects, check out the story on or visit the extensive website of SCAS itself.

Image caption top: Play-Ground #13-02, 2013, Myoung Jo Jeong

_Dollar Sign_ by Andy Warhol, 1982, 47 x 44.5 cm, On linen-r50

Dollar Sign, 1982, Andy Warhol

_Ballet of Light_ by Li Shuang, 2008, 170 x 160 cm, Oil on Canvas-r50

Ballet of Light, 2008, Li Shuang

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