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What’s Good In The ‘Hood?

Tom Sanford draws portraits of people around his neighborhood

Jan 06, 2015 | By Staff Writer

New York-based artist Tom Sanford gets his inspiration from the people in his neighborhood. In his latest series, titled “What’s Good in the Hood?”, Sanford creates ink wash drawings of the different people that surround the place where he lives. With his incredible skills and exceptional attention to special details, Sanford captures the charm and spirit of the diverse group of people he frequently sees. His heartwarming and candid series connects with the community, and pays homage to his neighbors with empathy and graciousness.  

The 40 year old portraitist’s works have been exhibited around the world. His drawings and oil paintings range from historical works depicting celebrity assassinations to portraits of gangster rappers and teen pop tarts, to elaborate cosmologies weaved together from Hollywood movies. Highly satirical in nature, Sanford reflects the deep ambivalence about the American cultural condition.

Check out more of his work here ! 

 Whats Good In The Hood 1

Whats Good In The Hood 2

Whats Good In The Hood 3

Whats Good In The Hood 4

Whats Good In The Hood 5

Whats Good In The Hood 6

Whats Good In The Hood 7


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