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Waltz on the Walls

Aerial Dance Performance on the Side of Oakland’s City Hall

Sep 30, 2014 | By Staff Writer



Dancers Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber take dance to greater heights. Literally. At the Art+Soul Festival in Oakland this year, both dancers performed in a vertical dance performance on the side of Oakland’s 18-story City Hall building. Both dancers are from the dance company Bandaloop, a vertical dance performance group that “seamlessly weaves dynamic physicality, intricate choreography and the art of climbing to turn the dance floor on its side”. The routine was executed with impeccable grace and beauty. Their simultaneous black flips and glides through the air appears as if they could be flying or swirling in a deep ocean. Its captivating to watch from below-inspiring its audience to re-imagine dance. 

“They say what we do is death-defying. I’d say it’s life-affirming.” says Rudolph, who is also the founder and artistic director of Bandaloop.


Visit Bandaloop’s Website to Learn more about their work 

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