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Tree Picnic / Not Now

Michael Beitz’s Innovative Wooden Tables

Apr 22, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Artist Michael Beltz takes furniture design to a whole new level with his branching and looping wooden sculptural tables. Last year, he designed a table called “Tree Picnic” which was a large table that branched out like a tree, allowing people to sit at all different sides of the branches. This large table was put on display at the Michigan Riley Farm in Buffalo. Another piece, titled “Not Now”, is a large 18-foot-long table that has a looping design in the middle. Its convulated structure gives the table an “anti-social” design. This sculpture was put on display at Beltz’s own solo show in New York. His re-invention of furniture gives his sculptures unique character, whilst retaining the functionality. See more of Michael Beltz’s sculptures on his online gallery here


Tree Picnic Not Now

Tree Picnic Not Now 1.

Tree Picnic Not Now 2

Tree Picnic Not Now 3

Tree Picnic Not Now 4

Tree Picnic Not Now 6



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