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Tiny Tattoos

Austin Tott juxtaposes the miniscule against the massive

Apr 10, 2014 | By Staff Writer

In a delightful photography series titled Tiny Tattoos, American photographer Austin Tott captures images of a hand-drawn body art against a background from which these hand-drawn designs visually reference. A personal favorite of mine is the quirky sketch of a sailboat on his wrist positioned in front of a world atlas. In another photograph, we see a wrist that is marked with a mini bicycle positioned against the landscape of a big city. This composition of the miniscule against the massive creates a visual tension within the photograph itself, intriguing the viewer to investigate the relationships between objects and space. He explores the smaller components within their natural environments and captures these settings in his photograph with both micro and macro perspectives.

Other photography series by the Washington-based product and conceptual photographer follow in the same vein as this particular series. His other quirky portraits possess the whimsical qualities that we find in Tiny Tattoos. Tott’s works fuse surreal concepts and compositions with raw emotions, often trying to make darker emotions a beautiful thing.


Tiny Tattoos

Tiny Tattoos 2

Tiny Tattoos 3

Tiny Tattoos 6

Tiny Tattoos 4

Tiny Tattoos 5

Tiny Tattoos 7

Tiny Tattoos 9


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Images courtesy of Austin Scott via mymodernmet

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