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The Writing’s on the Wall

OK Go plays with optical illusions in their latest music video

Jun 28, 2014 | By Staff Writer

We all remember OK Go for their fascinating music videos. From synchronized treadmill hopping to their massive domino chain reaction, this band’s music videos are nothing short of awesome. After a two year hiatus from releasing a music video, the alternative rock band is back with another insane and mind-blowing one for their single “The Writing’s on the Wall”. The 4 minute long clip is jam-packed with shots after shots of optical illusions that are performed live in-camera. It borrows techniques from artists such as Bernard Pras, Felice Varini and Bela Borsodi. Similar to previous OK Go music videos, all the scenes are performed in a single take. The last shot of the music videos reveals the crew behind the spectacle. “The Writing’s on the Wall” is a single from their upcoming album titled “Hungry Ghosts” that will be released in October. 

 The Writings On The Wall 1

The Writings On The Wall 2

The Writings On The Wall 3


See full video here


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