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The Tiny People of Jorge Miranda’s Instagram

Miami-based filmmaker cuts out miniature paper dolls to create whimsical scenes

Jul 12, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Filmmaker Jorge Miranda works with tiny cut-out paper dolls to create whimsical scenes that he captures on camera and shares on his Instagram. He first makes small cut-outs of full body photos of photographed people to form the paper dolls. He then places them in amusing situations such as forming human pyramids and balancing on a fork. Attitcus Finch, a famous character from literature’s To Kill a Mockingbird, is also spotted in Miranda’s project and appropriately clutches onto the turning page of a book.

The series bring to mind Alice shrinking in size from the Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, only this time the characters of Miranda’s project look like those in vintage magazines. The pictures are all captures in black and white, resembling stills from old Hollywood movies. This ongoing project is the filmmaker’s way of exercising his creativity. Miranda explains,“These photos have become for me a faster way to express my ideas with actors that don’t complain and don’t need to get paid.”

Yorch Miranda1

Yorch Miranda2

Yorch Miranda3

Yorch Miranda12

Yorch Miranda4

Yorch Miranda5

Yorch Miranda6

Yorch Miranda7

Yorch Miranda8

Yorch Miranda11

Yorch Mirandafirst

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