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The taste of luxury by Fulvio Bonavia

A Matter of Taste is a collection of Fulvio Bonavia’s delectable creations made with natural and edible elements.

Aug 18, 2014 | By Anakin

A Matter of Taste

Originally published in 2009 – Until May 17th, the luxury chic supermarket of Paris, La Grande Epicerie, hosts 14 photographs by Fulvio Bonavia.

fish belt

The artist amused himself by turning upside down fashion accessories in a gourmet way.

artichokes on the cap

The handbag is made in raspberries, the belt with sardines, artichokes on the cap, the ring is full of Bayonne ham and the watch is a kiwi!

Brocoli bag

In his book “A Matter of Taste”, Fulvio Bonavia fuses haute couture with cuisine with results that are guaranteed to tantalize fashionistas and foodies alike.

watermelon helmet

Step out in style in a pair of corn espadrilles. A tagliatelle belt makes for a delicious main course, but should always be worn al dente.

tagliatelle belt

Later, for dessert, you can dine on fruit-paste bangles and a cheese necklace, then dance the night away in a pair of aubergine slippers!

blueberry bagring Bayonne hampair of corn espadrilles

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