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Ana Teresa weaves a series of landscapes and natural images

Jul 07, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Literally thinking out of the box, Ana’s art tumbles out of it’s frame. She uses embroidery as her artistic medium. She cleverly exploits the quality of the yarn to deconstruct her images. Majority of her works revolve around the human body and some include animal imagery. In the series, Suspension, she creates landscapes and natural images. Mimicking the ebb and flow of the sea, one work shows water flowing out of the embroidery hoop onto the floor. Intriguing and beautiful, her works capture nature in motion. They even add a larger-than-life effect, with waters splashing out and vast mountains extending beyond the physical boundary of the frame.


Suspension 1 Suspension 2 Suspension 3


See more of Ana’s work here.

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