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Self Portraits by Laura Williams

18-year-old photographer takes surreal, stunning selfies

Mar 02, 2014 | By Staff Writer


While other teenagers her age obsess over selfies, 18-year-old photographer Laura Williams has taken to shooting surrealistic, expressive self-portraits.  The young photographer’s works entitled Invisible have gone viral on flickr, tumblr and other photo-sharing online sites. Her most-shared photographs show her sitting in open fields on the grass giving a piercing look into the camera while holding up a mirror that not only conceals parts of her body but reflects the empty field that surrounds her. Her body appears distorted, yet intriguing in its peculiarity. 

Besides her more commonly shared photographs, most of her works surround concepts of revealing and concealing. In her self-portraits, thick smoke, mirrors and masks hide parts of the body. Her illusionistic photos invite the viewers to scrutinize the work in great detail. In doing so, she aims to evoke ideas and thoughts on the stories behind her images. 

 Self Portraits By Laura Williams

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” The photographer is inspired by many different things; including dreams, music, and other photographers. “Inspiration can come at any time,” she says, “and often when I find it, I’m not specifically looking for it, it just sort of comes to me.” “


Check out more of Laura William’s Photography on Flickr here


Photos via mymodernmet

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