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Scared Scientists

Nick Bowers captures the faces of Scientists disturbed by our World’s impending doom

Oct 26, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Australian photographer Nick Bowers captures the terror that plagues the scientific field in the wake of chilling date about the World’s drastic climate change. In collaboration with copywriter Rachel Guest and Art Director Celine Faledam, Bowers tracked down and took portraits of scientists involved in this field, and who are passionate about making aware the devastating consequences of environmental degradation. These scientists come from very different fields of scientific study-such as biology, ecology, oceanography, earth science, and weather research. The photography series, aptly titled Scared Scientists, are visual representations of the chilling abstract data discovered about our climate. The austere, soulless expressions of the scientists’ faces effectively translate the uncertain and dark future of our planet.

This portrait series is Bowers’ call to action against our worsening global crisis. His concern with the climate change is inspired by his desire for a better future for his 3-year-old daughter. His knowledge of global warming was based on bits of information he had read or heard from his friends or in the media. This series is a true investigation into the heart of the climate change debate, and an urge for our attention to this pressing matter that will affect us in the near future. 

Scared Scientists

Scared Scientists 1


Scared Scientists 2

Scared Scientists 3

Scared Scientists 4

Scared Scientists 5

Scared Scientists 6

Scared Scientists 7

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