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Remembering Lucien Clergue

Renowned french photographer’s elegant black-and-white picture of naked bodies

Jan 23, 2015 | By Staff Writer

This posts features a series of beautiful black and white nude photos by the late French photographer Lucien Clergue. As a master of light in photography, Clegue’s elegant photographs capture the wonders of the female figure from different angles. He skillfully manipulates the light, casting various patterns and shadows on the skin, complimenting the curves and shapes on the body. Water, and its tranquility, is also a major motif in his photographs. Each of his photographs capture intimate relationships between the nude figure and the surrounding environment. 

Unfortunately, Clergue passed away on November 15th 2014 at the age of 80. He is also known for his long-time friendship with Pablo Picasso. His photographs have been exhibited in over 100 solo exhibitions worldwide, and Clergue was also the chairman at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris in 2013. His legacy still lives on till today. Visit artnet to see more of his work. 


Lucien Clergue 1

Lucien Clergue 2

Lucien Clergue 11Lucien Clergue 3

Lucien Clergue 4

Lucien Clergue 5

Lucien Clergue 7

Lucien Clergue 8

Lucien Clergue 9

Lucien Clergue 10


Lucien Clergue 12

Images from the gorgeous daily

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