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Blake Little shoots series of models drenched in honey

Mar 05, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Celebrity portrait photographer Blake Little has recently released a photo series featuring his sweet and sticky experiment. This series, titled “preservation”, is a collection of portraits of models covered in tubs of sticky golden honey. All his subjects are shown completely drenched in sticky honey , encapsulated and entrapped by the weight of the goo. He specifically chooses models of various ages, ethnicities and body types to photograph, creating a fascinating body of work. He even photographs a dog. All his subjects stay frozen like sculptures with an amber-preserved appearance, evoking a sense of drama that is exaggerated by the sticky material hanging off their limbs. 

Little’s series was meant to be an investigation of the mediums that can be used in tandem with the skin. The photographer will present “preservation” at the kopeikin gallery in LA from March to April this year, along with a video that documents the taking of these portraits. Learn more about Blake Little and his work here



Preservation 1

Preservation 2

Preservation 4

Preservation 5

Preservation 6

Preservation 7

Preservation 8

Preservation 9

Preservation 10

Preservation 11



via designboom

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