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Claire Curneen’s tormented porcelain figures

Mar 07, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Unusual and haunting, these white sculptures by Claire Curneen appear tormented. Her human-like figurines are faceless, but are somewhat expressive in their ambiguity. Their body parts, pierced with golden thorns, do not seem to phase them, as they seem lost in a shroud of an existential angst. Throughout her sculpture career, Curneen has worked with every type of medium from porcelain to terracotta, creating figurines that are cathartic yet vaguely surreal. This series is a manifestation of her exploration of the human body and human condition.  

“Referencing Roman Catholic imagery and ideology and early Italian Renaissance paintings such as Piero Della Francesca’s ‘Baptism of Christ’, these figures bear bold narratives of saints, martyrs and rites of passage punctuated by often delicate yet dramatic totems to death, re-birth and the sublime.” 

Learn more about Clair Curneen on her website here


Humanoid 1


Passage 1

Passage 2

Passage 3

Passage 4

Passage 5


via Beautiful Decay

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