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Paris Abstraction

Micheal Wolf photographs Abstract Parisian Rooftops

Sep 06, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Living in major cities such as Paris and Hong Kong, photographer Micheal Wolf struggled to take authentic images of the sights void of tourists and crowds. Instead of capturing the cliche destinations such as museums and iconic landmarks when the photographer moved to Paris in 2008, he turned his attention to the dense rooftops surrounding the city. Crowded with stout chimneys, tv antennas, graffiti, and numerous geometric forms, Wolf captured a strange abstracted view of a usually recognizable place. Most of Michael Wolf’s works focus on life in mega cities. His photos exhibit his ability to “capture the symbolic value in those seemingly insignificant details that so often go unnoticed”. 

See more of the Photographer’s work here 

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images via Juxtapoz

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