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Paintings of whimsical scenes by Rebecca Artemisa

Artist explores the circle of life in her exquisite paintings

Apr 04, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Portland-based artist Rebecca Artemisa has created an untitled series of exquisite painting. Artemisa imagines and paints fantastical landscapes and absurd, surreal scenes with incredible detail and precision. She often includes a young, slightly sinister looking woman in her paintings responding to her vibrant environment. She stands among trees, flowers and animals as well.  The striking colours used look similar to those of traditional Asian oriental paintings.

Artemisa’s work primarily explores the circle of life and the coexistence of humans and spirits. Figures (such as birds) hovering around the central young woman is a recurrent idea in many of the paintings. Many of her paintings also possess an uncanny feel due to the ghoul motifs and candles weaved into her designs.  These motifs serve to “remind us that life and death and intimately connected.” Artemisa’s other works often explore such imaginative worlds with circular patters and white dots. 


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Images taken from Rebecca Artemisa’s Tumblr via mymodernmet

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