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Paint Showers

A short film of colourful chaos by Miguel Jiron

Mar 25, 2014 | By Staff Writer

“Swirling cosmos of paint give way to a storm of color and drips. An experimental animation that is a mix of paint on glass and stop motion, Paint Showers is the anticipation, fury, and release of a colorful storm”

Miguel Jiron’s short film Paint Showers was created with drips, splashes and swirls of paint set against a soundtrack of raindrops and splashing water. Film International notes that Paint Showers “…Pays homage to the cameraless painted films of experimental legends like Stan Brakhage and Oskar Fischinger… the striking nature of the visuals alone engenders a unique emotional resonance.” Paint Showers was part of the official selection for film festivals including the South by Southwest Festival 2012 and the Toronto International Film Festival 2012. 

Find out more about Miguel Jiron’s works at his website and Vimeo page

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