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‘Objection’ exhibition at the 57th Venice Biennale

Artists Michal Cole and Ekin Onat explore issues of gender at the Venice Biennale’s Pavilion of Humanity

Oct 25, 2017 | By Ilyda Chua

‘Top Gun’ with artist Michal Cole

In a collaborative exhibition spotlighting issues of gender, female artists Michal Cole and Ekin Onat present ‘Objection’ at the 57th Venice Biennale.

The latest iteration of the Biennale’s Pavilion of Humanity, ‘Objection’ focuses on politicised gender and national identity amidst a world of growing unrest and arrogance. Their collaboration transforms the historical villa of Casetta Rosa — meticulously preserved through the years, and a picture of perfect domesticity — into a stage of objection.

As visitors venture through the kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom, they will encounter the installations of both artists. Cole uses a construction of men’s ties — a classic symbol of masculine power and formality — and video works concealed in the furniture to present a poignant, demanding image that both confronts and challenges viewers to address the concept of gender norms.

Michal Cole, ‘Top Gun’

Meanwhile, Turkish artist Onat uses performance to address the political regime that propagates her homeland, with questions of civil society and freedom of speech at the essence of her performance and installation art.

Ekin Onat, ‘Absent Presence’

Curated by Gillian Fox and supported by the University of Arts London, ‘Objection’ will run at the Pavilion of Humanity throughout the duration of the Venice Biennale, ending on 26 November.

ilyda chua

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