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Shinichi Maruyama creates time-lapse photographs by combining 1000 individual photographs of dancers in motion

Jun 02, 2014 | By Staff Writer

There are a lot of shapes and lines that we do not quite see when watching dancers move. There is a lot of beauty hidden beneath the speed, strength and agility of a dancer. In a series of gorgeous photographs, New York-based photographer Shinichi Maruyama captures the beauty of the human body and movement. Combining 1000 individual photographs of each dancer, Maruyama creates time-lapse photos of the dancers in motion. On her website, she states “I tried to capture the beauty of both the human body’s figure and its motion.The figure in the image, which is formed into something similar to a sculpture, is created by combining 10,000 individual photographs of a dancer. By putting together uninterrupted individual moments, the resulting image as a whole will appear to be something different from what actually exists. With regard to these two viewpoints, a connection can be made to a human being’s perception of presence in life.” (via Colossal)

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Find out more about Shinichi Maruyama here!

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