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Nomad Patterns

Livia Marin creates intriguing sculpture series of melting ceramic cups

Jun 11, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Artist Livia Marin has created a sculpture series of ceramic cups and kettles melting into liquid-looking porcelain puddles. Surprisingly, the “melting” ceramic cups and kettles still retain their original print with the picturesque chinese motifs all intact. Her series, titled Nomad Patterns, explores the issue of brokenness and recuperation. Once an object, such as a glass or ceramic cup, is broken it is thrown away. However, if this object holds sentimental value the broken pieces are often kept by the owner. This moment of contemplation fascinates Marin and she applies this idea to her work. She attempts to recreate that necessary judgment in these ambiguously, useful objects. The china is made dubious and seemingly useless after the liquidation, yet, the decorated cups are still beautiful and elegant in its destruction.  

Nomad Patterns 2

Nomad Patterns 3 

Nomad Patterns 4

Nomad Patterns 5

Nomad Patterns 6

Nomad Patterns 7

Nomad Patterns 1

Nomad Patterns

See Marin’s official website here

Images owned by the Artist

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