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James McNabb sketches with a bandsaw to form complex wooden sculptures of cityscapes

Oct 23, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Philadelphia-based sculptor James McNabb explores architecture and urban landscapes in his recent wooden sculpture series titled The City Series. Each sculpture, made entirely from wood, features the cityscape as a crowded and dense metropolis. McNabb crafts each sculpture using an improvised technique of wood sculpting described as “sketching with a bandsaw” whereby McNabb cuts the wood intuitively with little regard to the finished design of his sculpture. This results in a myriad of unique cityscapes composed of abstract architectural forms. The overall aesthetic, and utility,of each sculpture is also different from the next- yielding sculptures that resemble tables and wheels. 

According to the Robert Fontaine Gallery website, where McNabb’s exhibition Metros is being showcased, this wood series “represent(s) a woodworker’s journey from the suburbs to the city. Each piece depicts an outsider’s perspective of the urban landscape. Made entirely of scrap wood, each work is an interpretation of making something out of nothing.” McNabb currently runs a design studio with his wife where he crafts these and other heirloom quality pieces. See more of his artwork here

Metros 9

Metros 10

Metros 11

Metros 12

Metros 13

Metros 14

Metros 15

Metros 16

Metros 18


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