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Marcus Jackson

Marcus Jackson explores the theme of life and death in his works.

Jul 08, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Marcus has an interest and a curiosity in dead animals. He states, “I am interested in the intersections where humans and animals meet and how those interactions end. But even beyond that I find there is something beautiful and tragic about the corpse of a wild animal.” He feels the need to document the arctic, which is at risk of disappearing. He finds that the land of ice and cold is filled with stories and death is very prominent. 

He usually prints his works by hand, using a traditional print maker. However, he also explores book making and assemblage. He uses both manmade and natural materials, to the extent of salvaging roadkill to create his art.

Marcus Jackson 1 Marcus Jackson 2

Marcus Jackson 3 Marcus Jackson 4 Marcus Jackson 5 

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