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Makeup meets Chinese Art

Artist red hong yi uses makeup to depict Chinese scenes

Mar 03, 2014 | By Staff Writer

“Makeup Art” 

Makeup is painted over the face and renders a beautiful mask that we wear. It is but a medium used to create Art. Shanghai-based artist and architect Red Hong Yi has embraced this medium in the creation of her series of works, titled “Makeup meets Chinese Art”. As aptly described by her title, Red has designed and created Chinese scenes made from different makeup products. From the Guilin mountains made from loose powder, to pine trees made from false eyelashes, to cherry blossom trees painted using nail polish.

The Malaysian-born artist explains that the inspiration for this quirky series was the notion of precision in creating Chinese artwork (for example the skill and intricacies of calligraphy). Like painting, applying makeup requires a lot of precision and products are designed as such to achieve this precision.Hence, she creatively applies this idea to the concept of her artwork, also challenging the traditions of making traditional art. 


Makeup Meets Chinese Art 2


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Images coutersy of Red Hong Yi via designboom 

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