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Los Intocables

The right to childhood should be untouchable.

May 09, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Los Intocables supports a simple truth. That the right to childhood should be untouchable. In a series of controversial photos that incited a Facebook ban, Cuban artist Erik Ravelo explores the abuse that robs children of their right to childhood. The photos depict children in a crucifix style re-enactment with their oppressors as the cross. Ravelo does not shy away from any form of child abuse, going so far as to reference the cases of sexual abuse in the Vatican and the child sex slave industry. The photos are disturbing for sure, but they are also bringing to light the issues that are too often and too wrongly swept under the rug. Discarding all inhibitions, Ravelo’s series reveals the circumstances that taint the innocence of childhood. Perhaps it works as a wake up call to the frightening reality that many children around the world face.

Los Intocables 

Los Intocables 1 

Los Intocables 2 

Los Intocables 3 

Los Intocables 4

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