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Loren Stump’s Incredible Glassworks

Glassworker Loren Stump creates mind-blowingly intricate Murrine works

Jun 30, 2014 | By Staff Writer

What California-based glassworker Loren Stump manages to do with glass will astound those of us who cannot even carry glass plates and cups across short distances without dropping them. His expertise working with glass, and especially the technique of Murrine, has earned him great praise and exposure worldwide. Murrine involves layering coloured molten glass around a core which is then stretched into a rod, creating a glass cane. Much like a loaf of bread, when the glass cane is cut into slices, the cross section reveals intricate designs. Stump, who has been working with glass for nearly 44 years, explains in an interview with Lost at E Minor that the designs can be so elaborate and complex that it often involves hundreds of different components and has to be reassembled multiple times. The result is a mind-blowing attention to detail that shows in every slice. 

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Loren St

Loren Stump

Loren Stump 1

Loren Stump 2

For more of Loren Stump’s works, visit his website. 

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