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Looks Like Music

Yuri Suzuki’s installation translates interactive artwork to sound

Jan 01, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Japanese Designer Yuri Suzuki has created an installation that lets robots translate colored pen marker scribbles on the floor into music. In his installation at the Mudam Luxembourg in 2013, he invited visitors to scribble on top of curvy black lines on the floor using color markers. Able to detect different colors and follow the black line, small movable robots (also called Color Chasers) would associate each colour they detect with a sound and play it. This interactive artwork results in an innovative music piece played by his tiny orchestra of robots. This orchestra consists of five different robots- each with a unique sound and shape of its own. 

Due to his dyslexia, Suzuki has problems reading music as it is traditionally written. Inspired by this, he conceived this interesting new way of producing musical compositions through art. The Color Chasers are just one of Suzuki’s many music-related projects. The artist has collaborated with the rapper on his song “Dreaming About the Future”, which was released in 2014. Visit Suzuki’s Website to learn more about Suzuki and his projects. 


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