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Late Friday Nights at Singapore Art Museum

Free entry, extended museum operating hours, meet-the-curator sessions and live visual music performances on the second Friday of every month

Feb 07, 2018 | By Art Republik

SAM Late Nights at SAM 8Q. Image courtesy of SAM.

Singapore Art Museum presents SAM Late Nights, a monthly programme featuring free museum entry, extended museum opening hours, meet- the-curator sessions, and pop-up live visual and music performances. Taking place on the second Friday of every month, the first three sessions of “SAM Late Nights” will take place on 9 February and 9 March at SAM at 8Q.

SAM Late Nights allows visitor further insight into SAM’s ongoing exhibition, Cinerama: Art and the Moving Image in Southeast Asia, with free meet- the-curator sessions. The lead curator of the exhibition will introduce selected artwork and conduct casual discussion with visitors about the themes and ideas behind it. Cinerama explores notions of memory and identity through moving image artworks, such as a high-speed video of colliding AK-47 and M16 bullets, a stop-motion music video for the band ‘Rock N Roll Mafia’, and reinterpretations of classic films.

Visitors at Korakrit and Alex’s immersive video installation. Image courtesy of SAM.

Extending the audio-visual experience of the Cinerama exhibition, SAM Late Nights features live visual and music performances by local electronic musicians and sonic artists. With hypnotic music performances linked to video loops and live visual projections, these pop-up sessions at the 8Q Plaza present the inimitable experience of intertwining sonic and visual textures.

Featured artist at the pop-up performances include Amon Wong ft. Ffion (9 February) and Canvas Conversations (9 March).

These live sessions will commence once the museum closes at 9pm, alongside food, craft beers and wine sold by Standing Sushi Bar.

Curator led tours at SAM Late Nights. Image courtesy of SAM.

Besides “SAM Late Nights”, other Singapore Art Museum and Cinerama programmes from January to March include a curator-led tour of Cinerama, a video workshop led by Cinerama artist Sarah Choo Jing, SAM Toddler Art Workshops, and upcoming Singapore Art Week at SAM activities, which include free workshops, live movie screenings and the well-loved SAM x The Local People Art Market.

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