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STPI presents collaboration with Jason Martin on ‘Meta physical’

British painter, Jason Martin, collaborates with STPI on a new series of artwork, showcasing his experimentation on pulp and paper

Mar 19, 2019 | By Angelyn Tan

First in last, 2018, Drypoint on stained paper, 86 x 75 cm

STPI proudly presents its collaboration with contemporary painter, Jason Martin on its newest exhibition, Meta physical. Known for his monochromatic and three-dimensional paintings, the British artist is considered a contemporary of other abstract painters like Ian Davenport and Damien Hirst.

Martin’s pieces often feature layers oil paint or acrylic gel “combed” atop a myriad of hard surfaces like aluminium, stainless steel or plexiglass. Martin’s artistic leitmotif utilises a fine, comb-like tool with which he uses to spread his chosen hues across the medium in one movement, often repeatedly.

Pas de deux I, 2018, Drypoint on paper, 88 x 148 cm

Meta physical, exhibited at STPI features his signature technique of invigorating abstract paintings by combining the processual nature of printmaking with the introduction of new material qualities, what results are exquisite works emblematic of Martin’s personal language of abstraction. Martin’s paintings embody the possibilities of embossed relief, paper pulp and paper casting, hence each medium displays a distinctive vocabulary of expression through a sustained exploration of line and gestures.

Untitled I, II, 2018, Spit-bite aquatint on paper, 78 x 71 cm (each)

In essence, Meta physical explores Martin’s textured images in the context of paper pulp painting, exploring the space between the pictoriality of painting and the spatiality of sculpture. Why the choice of medium in print and paper?

“My approach is that there is a warmth of figuration that I try to affect into the movements—gestures—that I make [on the canvas].” – Jason Martin

On canvas or even like now on embossed relief and paper casting, Martin’s exploration of the material aspects of the painting have brought new light to his distinctive vocabulary. His lines and gestures, now applied on a new medium elevates the  sweeping, continuous linearities in his usual drypoint compositions with increased dimensionality. What results is Jason Martin’s Meta physical.

Immemorial, 2018, Carborundum and mixed media on canvas, 61.5 x 54 x 3cm

Transference, 2018, Pulp and cel-vinyl on paper, 88 x 74 x 7 cm    

Speaking with Greg Hilty (Curatorial Director, Lisson Gallery) and Mark Gisbourne (art historian, critic, curator, and writer), Martin espouses the new language his fresh “canvas” affords, “The experimental nature of the workshop afforded me the freedom to explore materials in exciting new ways. The exhibition will hopefully reveal surprises in how materials can be transformative. The works as a whole endeavour to hold some mysteries questioning the nature of their materials and how they have come into being. If my overall studio practice can be understood as developing a pictorial language, my collaboration with STPI takes me on an R&D tour of the grammar inherent to that language.”

“Meta physical” runs from 23 March – 4 May

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